The GDPR e-learning: the first online platform to offer GDPR trainings

The current environment has demonstrated the importance of digital connectivity in the workplace. Confined to their homes, employees and employers have had to adapt to remote working. Being connected has become a necessity. But beware: the more you are connected, the more you expose your data. And remember that if you work with health personal data, you need to be event more careful because they are considered as sensitive personal data by the GDPR. It is now mandatory to know how to protect yourself. It is by combining these two aspects that MyData-TRUST, a company specialized in personal data protection and exclusively dedicated to the Life Science sector has created the GDPR e-learning. The GDPR e-learning is a tool offering 10 complete Modules that will allow users to be aware of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), wherever you are.




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A solution based on a strong experience

After 3 years of experience in the operational implementation of GDPR and with more than 300 GDPR projects implemented worldwide, MyData-TRUST wanted to centralize its knowledge and expertise in this e-learning tool, which is both theoretical and practical.

The Modules have been created to meet the needs of the greatest number of people.

They enable you to acquire substantial knowledge in data protection at your own pace. In addition to the training courses, the tool integrates a knowledge assessment and generates a personal certificate of completion, thus adapting to the tracking needs of companies.

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MyData-Trust’s main strength is its multidisciplinary team, composed of data protection officers specialized in the health sector, lawyers specialized in data protection and cyber security experts, highly trained in data protection.