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Did you know that according to Article 39(b) of the GDPR, one of the responsibilities of the DPO is to raise awareness and train staff involved in personal data processing operations?

To match this responsibility, you will find here 10 complete GDPR trainings ranging from 20min to 1h30. Each training addresses a different aspect of the GDPR that can be delivered across the whole of your Life Science organization.

For what type of Industry have the courses been developed?
Our courses have been developed by experts from the Life Science sector. If you are from Pharma, Biotech, CROs, Medical Device, eHealth, Diagnostics, Academics, Hospitals, etc. these courses have been created for you!


E-learning is proven to be the best means of communication in the corporate sector, especially when training programs are conducted for people across the globe. It enables individuals to acquire important skills wherever they are located. A lot of Life Science’s organizations already work with the e-learning to train their teams!

Certificate of completion for GDPR trainings

A completion certificate

Training and Awareness is an important part of GDPR compliance, but just as much as documenting and keeping track of your trainings! A well-known principle in the Life Science sector.
By using the GDPR e-learning tool for you and your staff, you will get a personalized certificate of completion matching with your tracking needs.

You can now add it to your LinkedIn Certification!

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It has become clear that a compliance approach to the GDPR must be adopted, including awareness-raising and specific training for all staff involved in personal data processing operations. Employees and Life Science companies should see the GDPR as an opportunity and not as a constraint. It is a comprehensive set of rules where law, technology and governance constitute a unique and inseparable tool.

Raising awareness and training staff in GDPR helps to create a real culture of data protection within the organization.

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