GDPR For Clinical Research Professionals

Regulation, more commonly known as the GDPR.

You will be guided by KIM, who will be your coach throughout the presentation and all of your courses. She will guide you through the training and help you build your understanding of the fundamentals of the GDPR.


Industry: CRO, Biotech, Pharma, Investigator sites & Hospitals, Medical Devices, Diagnostic, eHealth and other industries impacted by patient data collection



    1. Raise awareness of data protection for clinical teams
    2. Understand how GDPR applies to clinical research
    3. Know the role and responsibilities of clinical research professionals
    4. Know the roadmap to design a GDPR compliant clinical study


This course includes a final QUIZ and a personal Certificate of completion.



Anyone who works with health data and understands the basics of the GDPR. This course has been created specifically for those people because health data are considered sensitive data under the GDPR and should be protected with extra care. It is essential to understand how the European Regulation on Data Protection applies in order to know your role, take appropriate precautions, ensure that patient rights are respected and be Audit ready.

It may concern every person from :

  • Clinical
  • Post Marketing activities
  • Medical Affairs
  • DPO
  • Regulatory Affairs


Why take this course?

This course has been specifically designed by experienced Data Protection Officers and Clinical Research Professionals for people managing personal health data who would like to understand their role in this European Regulation and its implementation



Please note that basic knowledge of the GDPR is needed to take full benefit from this course. You can acquire this by following our “Introduction to the GDPR” course

How it works

You will start with the key concepts of the GDPR applied to clinical research, followed by how to apply them in the context of a clinical study, i.e. what to do and when to do it.

This course is a very practical training, composed of interactive questions and study cases.

Languages ​​available

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DPO of a Clinical Research Organisation
Clinical (ClinOps, Data Management, Biometrics Medical Writing, etc.)
Post Marketing activities
Medical Affairs Pharmacovigilance Regulatory Affairs
Quality Management
Regulatory Affairs


This course includes a final QUIZ and a personal Certificate of completion.

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