International Personal Data Transfer

La notion de transfert n’était pas définie dans l’ancienne directive sur les données personnelles, ni dans le GDPR. Alors, comment interpréter cette notion ?


You will be guided by KIM, who will be your coach throughout the presentation and all of your courses. She will guide you through the training and help you understand the course.

Kim analysed and compiled everything she knows about Data Transfers in this course. For you to understand this topic, she will start with an introduction of the context followed by an explanation of the GDPR rules that you must follow if you want to transfer personal data.

Once this part is clear for you, you will review the different transfer mechanisms and go through different important points. To conclude this course, Kim will present a practical case, which is very important for you to be able to put your knowledge into practice. Knowing the rules is a good thing, but being able to apply them is much better!


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of international transfers of personal data and the different mechanisms to frame yours
  • Choose the most appropriate mechanism for your transfers
  • Apply the rules on international transfers in various professional situation

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Who should attend?

Every person who understands and work with the GDPR on a daily basis. Everyone who works with personal data and is in contact with international parties. If you are a DPO struggling to understand what to do or the person in charge of the GDPR trying to understand where to start, this course has been created for you.


  • DPO
  • Person in charge of the GDPR
  • People in contact with sensitive personal data

Why take this course?

Everyone who works in line with GDPR requirements knows that Data Transfer is one of the most complicated and sensitive topics. Expert Data Protection Officers working internationally specifically designed this course to give you the keys to understand the regulation regarding International Personal Data Transfer.

Languages ​​available

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45 minutes


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- Person in charge of the GDPR
- People in contact with sensitive personal data


This course includes a final QUIZ and a personal Certificate of completion.

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Continuous learning

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