Rights conferred on subjects

The key objective of the GDPR is to ensure the protection of information which relates to individuals. For that reason, GDPR grants several rights to data subjects to enable them to know which organizations process their data and to keep control over their information.


You will be guided by KIM, who will be your coach throughout the presentation and all of your courses. She will guide you through the training and help you build your understanding of the course.

Did you know that the GDPR differentiates between the rights and the remedies? Do you know the difference, and can you name them?

Don’t worry! Kim will explain the 9 main rights and the 3 main remedies. You will be then able to answer these questions!


Learning Objectives:

To be familiar with the rights granted to data subjects. You will know how to respect the rights and, if necessary, take the correct actions to ensure compliance with these rights.

This course includes a final QUIZ and a personal Certificate of completion.

Who should attend?

Someone who works on a daily basis with personal data, especially if this is health personal data (= sensitive) and would like to know more about the main rights of the GDPR. This person should already know the basics of the GDPR. This course can also suits to someone who want to know more about his/her own citizen rights.

It can concern every person from:

  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Clinical

Why take this course?

This course has been created for people who already have a good understanding of the GDPR but who are still questioning the different rights conferred to data subjects by the GDPR.

The text of the European Regulation is long, not easy to read and somewhat difficult to understand. If Data Subject’s Rights remains rather fuzzy for you, you are at the right place!

We recommend completing this training with the course “GDPR Principles”.

Languages ​​available

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45 minutes


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- Marketing
- HR
- Clinical


This course includes a final QUIZ and a personal Certificate of completion.

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